Eric R. Brydges

Eric R. Brydges was born in southern Ontario into a family of artists. He studied at the University of Toronto and teaching art was his profession in both Canada and Singapore for thirty-three years.  His life has been filled with art and music and when he is not pursuing artistic projects he is playing bass or travelling the world.  He started painting at a very young age and later developed a passion for rock sculpture using soapstone, alabaster and aerated concrete.  Recently, he has renewed his love of painting inspired by the East Coast lifestyle in both his residence in Woodstock, NB and summer home in Savage Harbour, PEI.  He uses a mixed media technique combining watercolours and acrylic paints.  He has always been intrigued by colour, form and repetition in subject matter.  Eric has always seen the beauty in the weathered and aged elements in the natural and man-made world.




“It is not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  (H. D. Thore

Fibre Artist

Janice Brydges

Janice Brydges was born in southern Ontario but currently resides in Woodstock, NB during the winter and Savage Harbour during the summer.   She spent thirty-three years as a teacher in both Canada and Singapore and currently spends her retired life felting, playing music, volunteering or walking the shores of PEI.   Janice has always been involved in the arts but has discovered a love for fibre arts.  She likes to incorporate a variety of wools, silks and natural fibres into her creations while experimenting with different colours and textures.