The story and dream behind.. "The Coop"

"The coop" started as the dream desire to have my own creative space studio.  Having purchased a summer home on the north shore of Prince Edward Island, I had the space to create a studio.  I created a series of drawings and with the help of Grant (a good Islander friend) we started to build my dream.  We were able to get the shell, siding and roof on before the winter of 2014.  During the building process, Grant looked at it one day and suggested that it looked like a large chicken coop.  The name stuck.  

Plans were made to finish the "coop" the following spring.  Unfortunately during the winter our good friend, Grant, passed away unexpectedly.  With heavy hearts my wife, Janice, and myself were left with the task of finishing the coop inside.  We insulated, installed the flooring, the pine interior walls and added electricity during the summer of 2015.  This left the back section to be finished in the spring of 2016.  This area is dedicated to stone sculpture and is screened in to ward off the local mosquitoes.  It also provides a quiet reading nook.  "Art at the Coop" is now a reality and both Janice, a fibre artist, and myself have been creating a variety of artworks in our brand new studio space.  We look forward to many enjoyable hours and days exploring our creative sides.