Fibre Arts Showcase

Art At The Coop is pleased to announce that Fibre Artist, Janice Brydges, will be featured in a Fibre Arts Show called "THE ART OF FIBRE." Janice will be joined by two other artists at the Montague Artisans On Main, on Prince Edward Island.  The show corresponds with the gallery's Grand Opening on Thursday, June 8, 2017 from 7-9 pm.  If you have a chance, join us to see the best of Fibre Arts on the island.


Nurture Your Art

Summertime and the livin' is easy

Just a quick update to life on the island.  Artwork goes to Souris AOM and Montague AOM this week.  The openings of both of these galleries happens June 3rd.  Very excited to announce that 6 pieces of my art will be on display and for sale at "The Inn at Bay Fortune" P.E.I..  Chef Micheal Smith and his wife Chastity work with the artists at Souris AOM in showcasing art in the rooms at the inn.  Meals at the Inn are truly memorable too.

Nurture your Art!

Barn board Series

Decided to change up the pace and try a new medium.  Barn board.  Went out to the valley and purchased some very old wide and grey barn board. Painting on it in acrylic posed its own problems and challenges.  The grain is very well defined and difficult to paint straight lines without them becoming dotted lines.  I like how the acrylic paint soaks into the board.  I purposely did not gesso or undercoat the board first.  I really like the way that the image seems to emerge from the grey boards.  It works quite well on the lighthouses.  I also tried painting on buoys that I purchased last summer.  The round "Point Prim Lighthouse" is one of my favourites.

You can check these paintings out under artwork: Barn Board Series (More to come)

Spring is around the corner and I can feel it in the air....

My brother was able to bring me several blocks of aerated concrete from Florida (it's not sold in Canada), so I'm looking forward to get back into carving into these block and also some rock that I have waiting for me on the island.

Nurture your art!

Chacala State of Mind

Just returned from an extended holiday in Chacala, Mexico where I had a wonderful time in the sunshine and warmth.  We met and made many new friends.  I was able to finish three acrylic paintings, that you can find as new posts, and I even had fun using pallete knives for the rooster and experimenting with Mexican paints!   I also had the opportunity to work and learn from an extraordinary Mexican painter/printmaker, Miguel Perez (Grafica Chacala).   Two weeks spent in his workshop have fuelled my creativity and also my desire to explore the possibilities in the printmaking process.  I know that I have made a new friend and mentor.  Thank you Miguel.  (mucho gracias)

I also appreciated working beside a metal sculptor named James Rintelman from beautiful, midwest Wisconsin. (Who happens to be married to an incredible cook/pie maker! Thanks Linda for looking after my waistline while on holidays.

Jim and I had a lot of fun pushing each other's creativity and sense of humour.  Looking forward to next year's unlimited editions....

Back to the Great White North with the batteries recharged.....

Nurture Your Art


As the year ebbs away I wish all a very happy new year.  It's like a fresh page where anything is possible, a blank canvas, so to speak....may you find the colours to paint your future.

I'm working on a painting of a warrior head water fountain from a photograph that I took in the Loire Valley in France a few years ago.

New on this website you will see the great felting works of Janice Brydges.  She is not new to Art At The Coop, but new to this website.  I look forward to seeing her new creations as she continues to explore the possibilities in fibre arts.

Christmas time is coming.....

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus....

Just finished a 48x72 painting that I have entitled "French Courtyard." (Check it out under paintings/Acrylics.) Just in time for Christmas.  I've been busy playing Christmas concerts and sing-a-longs, barely enough time to paint.  A Christmas Eve carol sing will bring this time to a fitting end.

 Thinking about my next painting, hopefully something smaller so that I can get it finished before heading to Mexico.

Merry Christmas to all and a very happy and prosperous New Year.  Nurture your Art. 

Keeping busy

Time sure does fly when you are having fun....It seems like a long time ago that I had an opportunity to jot down some thoughts.  Much has happened.  A couple of artfulness painting events occurred to great success.  One at "Cafe L'Acadie" with the Red Hatters.  What a delightful group of women...some even wore purple?  Just finished an event hosted by "Crystany's Brasserie" in Canning N.S. (a gluten free restaurant with wonderful food), again a great time was had by all.

I was very excited to have my son (my site manager in Ottawa) mount a showing of my acrylic and watercolour paintings at the "Ministry of Coffee" on Elgin St. in Ottawa.  It looks great on their walls.  If you get a chance to visit, grab an excellent coffee (they're known for that as well as their support for artists).

I finished my acrylic painting of the sunflower in a jug on Great George St. in Charlottetown PEI.  It was such a surprise to see this flower in the doorway. Check it out in my gallery.   I'm starting to do texture and detail work on a 2'x3' painting of a stone courtyard and arch from a photograph I took while in France.  Hopefully it will be finished and posted soon!  It is nice to still have time to create during the Christmas rush.

Putting finishing touches on Website

Website is starting to look good, special thanks again to my tech savvy son for all of his help. Check it out, also connected to my Facebook and Instagram sites.  

Tomorrow a special paint party for "Red Hatters" in Halifax at L'Acadie Restaurant as part of Artfulness.  Then back to painting of sunflower in jug on the doorstep of historical building in Charlottetown, PEI

Creating a website

Feeling very much out of my element today.  Fortunately, I have a great son who can guide his father through the website creating maze.  I feel more comfortable with a paintbrush and a canvas.....ahhhh  It has been a busy week in Ottawa and am excited about getting my paintings in  some new venues...will keep you posted!