Barn board Series

Decided to change up the pace and try a new medium.  Barn board.  Went out to the valley and purchased some very old wide and grey barn board. Painting on it in acrylic posed its own problems and challenges.  The grain is very well defined and difficult to paint straight lines without them becoming dotted lines.  I like how the acrylic paint soaks into the board.  I purposely did not gesso or undercoat the board first.  I really like the way that the image seems to emerge from the grey boards.  It works quite well on the lighthouses.  I also tried painting on buoys that I purchased last summer.  The round "Point Prim Lighthouse" is one of my favourites.

You can check these paintings out under artwork: Barn Board Series (More to come)

Spring is around the corner and I can feel it in the air....

My brother was able to bring me several blocks of aerated concrete from Florida (it's not sold in Canada), so I'm looking forward to get back into carving into these block and also some rock that I have waiting for me on the island.

Nurture your art!